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19.01.2022 11:44
FLVTO MyStream Downloader: A Ten Minutes Reading Help You To Understand The Software Better Antworten

What do the OTT live streams serve purpose?
Live streams started their journey to bring the world together through entertainment. Watching your favorite show gives you a kind of pleasure which is necessary to keep yourself happy.
The service-based streaming presents lots of shows, movies for all the ages of your family so that none are left out from the happiness bucket. There is a time when these live FLVTO streams are the only source of entertainment during the entire lockdown situation.
To avail of the live streaming service, you need to pay, get the subscription plan and start browsing the shows and movies unlimited. The plan selection would be your decision, based on your watching sequence and time-spends.
What are the limitations of these OTT live streams?
Until you watch and enjoy the shows or movies, it’s all fine. But if you try to download them and want to save them, you have to go through their policies and norms. Different live streams have different criteria for the download and save option.
Some typical limitations are:
• You cannot save the movie for more than 30 days( a few OTT allow 12 to 14 days). After that period, the download content will vanish from the local drive.
• Every OTT stream has distributed its content as per the demography and the demand of that region. That’s why one region cannot watch another region’s shows or movies.
• If you watch the download content immediately after the download process, the content will get auto-deleted from your device after 48 hours.
• A few live streams restricted the download items within a fixed number on individual accounts.
All these strict norms they have been following since these live streams launched and entertained the viewers.

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